HKR Women Platform Loafers Comfort Ladies Moccasins Wedges Slip On Suede Wide Work Shoes Dark Blue Hollow gIrCA9pDCc

HKR Women Platform Loafers Comfort Ladies Moccasins Wedges Slip On Suede Wide Work Shoes Dark Blue Hollow gIrCA9pDCc
  • Outer Material: Wide round toe suede moccasins with hollow out design,more breathable and comfy
  • Inner Material: Smooth pig leather lining,absorb sweat and deodorant, super comfort work shoes
  • Sole: Super Light wavy PU thick sole, provides great traction and grip.It is a perfect platform wedge sneakers that can wear all day and match all pants,dress,shorts,tops. Suitable for working,walking,shopping,long time standing and driving
  • Closure: Comfortable slip-on platform loafers shoes,easy to pull on and off
  • Heel Height: 5.8 centimetres
  • Heel Type: Platform height approximate 1.18" (3cm),wedge back heel height: 2.28" (5.8cm)
HKR Women Platform Loafers Comfort Ladies Moccasins Wedges Slip On Suede Wide Work Shoes Dark Blue Hollow gIrCA9pDCc HKR Women Platform Loafers Comfort Ladies Moccasins Wedges Slip On Suede Wide Work Shoes Dark Blue Hollow gIrCA9pDCc HKR Women Platform Loafers Comfort Ladies Moccasins Wedges Slip On Suede Wide Work Shoes Dark Blue Hollow gIrCA9pDCc HKR Women Platform Loafers Comfort Ladies Moccasins Wedges Slip On Suede Wide Work Shoes Dark Blue Hollow gIrCA9pDCc HKR Women Platform Loafers Comfort Ladies Moccasins Wedges Slip On Suede Wide Work Shoes Dark Blue Hollow gIrCA9pDCc
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Immediate Needs

It can be tough to decide which bills and monthly expenses to pay first, especially if you're on a tight budget. Although it's important to try to make all of your monthly payments, it may not always be possible.

If you're struggling to decide which bills to pay first, these tips can help you make a wise choice.

Make a List of Your Expenses

Start by making a list of all the bills you pay each month and the amount you owe. Don't worry about listing these in any particular order, the point is to calculate the total cost.

Typical monthly expenses on this list should include the following:

Identify Your "Must Pay" Expenses

You probably havebills for some (or all) of the things on your monthly expense list, but you may not have enough money to payall of them. This is where prioritizing, or deciding what to pay first, comes in.

Paying for shelter should always be the first priority, so you continue to have a roof over your head. Ifyou pay for utilities, like heating and water, you may have a month or more to make your payment before having your service disconnected.

Your food budget is a great example of an expense that is both a priority and something that you can adjust if you have more pressing bills to pay. There are probably items on your grocery list that can beremovedto save money for other bills that month.

Go through each expense on your list and make a note of any you can delay payment on or change for a brief period. The expenses left are your "must pay" expenses for the month.

Pay Your Debts

Once you know your "must pay" monthly expenses, focus on paying any bills that could impact your credit, including debt from credit cards and loans. A record of late or missed payments could stop you from borrowing money or getting a place to live in the future, so it's a good idea to look at your credit report on a quarterly basis to get a full picture of all the money you've borrowed from lenders. Luckily, there are a number of websites that let you access your credit report for free.

Remember that some debts, like mortgages and car payments, are secured loans and are tied to your house or car. If you miss payments, your lender may eventually be forced to repossess these items. If you find that you don't have enough money left to make these payments after paying for your monthly expenses, contact your lender as soon as possible to negotiate a more affordable repayment plan.

Prioritizing bills and expenses in order of importance lets you meet basic needs, protect your credit, and lower your financial stress. This, in turn, allows you to focus on finding ways to cut costs or increase your income so you can pay all of your bills each month and even start saving for the future.

1 month ago / Commentary / AgooLar Womens HighHeels PU Solid Zipper PointedToe Boots Red 9mmC2

As I travel around Colorado, I hear people share their anxieties about health care. Their stories fuel my passion to fight for better health care for all Coloradans. Affordable, quality health care is a right we must provide all residents, not a privilege for the wealthy few.

It is clear to us here in Colorado that Washington—given its current level of dysfunction—will not solve our health care problems. It’s up to us to develop and implement solutions here in Colorado. As Colorado’s next Attorney General, I will work hard to improve health care and reduce the financial burdens on Coloradans.

First, I will stand up against the Trump administration’s attack on affordable health care. I will work to protect the Affordable Care Act’s provisions that enable hundreds of thousands of Coloradans to have access to affordable and reliable health care . I will challenge the Trump Administration’s decision to cut off the Act’s cost-sharing reduction payments, which reduce health care costs for low-income Americans, joining the other states who have already done so , and I will fight to keep in place the law’s protection of consumers from fraud, mismanagement, and deception.

Second, we need to do more than protect the Affordable Care Act because the rising costs of health care, particularly in more remote areas, is an increasing threat to our residents. As one multi-state study found , Coloradans pay an average of 17% more for health care than citizens in other similar states. On the Western Slope, the situation is even more dire, with citizens now paying over $100 more per month on health care than the statewide median. Consequently , too many Coloradans are buried in medical debt or one medical hardship away from financial disaster.

Together, we can do better.

One of the critical driving forces behind the rising costs of health care is the absence of competition and transparency in that market . One Office Myth Cut Out Shoe Boots White Leather BO9F5k
that communities served by hospitals with monopoly power over the market pay 15% more in hospital costs than those living in competitive environments.

As Attorney General, I will enforce competition laws, using my experience as an Obama Administration antitrust official to make sure that health care providers and health care insurers compete on cost and quality for the benefit of all Coloradans . I will do that by reviewing mergers carefully, combating predatory practices in the health care market, and addressing hidden fees.

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The HUMAN TRAFFICKING INSTITUTE is combating slavery at its source by empowering justice systems to stop traffickers


Every Gift – Up To $400,000 – Matched Thanks To Generous Donor!

Today, the Human Trafficking Institute is announcing a $400,000 matching gift opportunity. Thanks to a generous family donation, every gift will be matched, dollar for dollar. By participating, you help double the Institute’s impact in combating trafficking!

When deciding to make this investment in the work of the Human Trafficking Institute, the donor was drawn to the vision and the make-up of the Institute team: “Their background, talents, and humble character combined with their vision to decimate trafficking was a winning combination for our stewardship goals.”

All gifts received through this match will go directly towards the Institute’s Country One project, which is expected to begin in 2017. This match will lay a strong foundation as the transforming work begins.

“We love how the Institute is attacking the problem at the root cause and has devised a long-term strategy to eliminate the problem,” the donor shared. “We admire their courage and dedication to combat trafficking. The ripple effects of how this can change the culture of a country is far reaching.”

With the completion of this matching gift, the Institute will meet its goal of raising enough capital to fund the first year of operations in Country One. It will also bring the Institute closer to its goal of receiving commitments that will fully fund the first three years of operation in Country One.

“The trafficking issue globally is complex, and therefore, it will take a lot of upfront belief and investment in the team assembled,” the donor shared. “While there are so many wonderful nonprofits to give to, we want to encourage joyful giving to the Human Trafficking Institute now because it will set the team up for future success.”

To make your matching gift today, please click here .

Trafficking Matters is a new platform providing resources to combat human trafficking.


Human Trafficking Institute Founding Directors on the Inefficiency Podcast

The Problem

Over 20 million people have the same problem. Traffickers make money by compelling them to work or engage in prostitution.

Zero Deterrence

Although trafficking is illegal in every country, it explodes where the laws are not enforced.

Exploding Profits

Annual profits from human trafficking exceed those of Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, BP, and Exxon .

Stop Traffickers

Survivor care is essential, but if law enforcement does not stop traffickers , they will keep churning out more victims who need survivor care.

Too Risky

Many traffickers will leave the vulnerable alone when the alternative is forfeiting their profits and losing their freedom.

The Solution

Trafficking collapses when traffickers go to jail, but police and prosecutors cannot stop traffickers if they are never equipped to do so.

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